Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update and Exp32 Shopping List (Partial)

I'm hoping for some good weather tomorrow ( says YES) so I can head outside and put the finishing touches on Exercise 31... try out my little radio and see if I can pick up any of the AM band radio stations around Atlanta. I hope so... would be a nice surprise.

In preparation for the upcoming Experiment 32 - you know the one if you've been looking ahead in the book like I did! - building the Little Robot Cart. After placing a few phone calls to a few places in Atlanta, I basically decided that with the $6.00 shipping that charges, I'll end up saving some money if I just wait a week or so for the following components:

1. DC Gear motor
2. Disc for motor
3. Two SPDT microswitches
4. 1 DPDT nonlatching relay

In the meantime, tomorrow I'll also be heading up to my hardware store to buy some 1/4" hobby plywood. Yes, I know... the author recommends ABS plastic. But right now I'm not wanting to invest in a plastic bender and I'm comfortable working with wood and have the right tools to cut the proper pieces (see on page 275). Not sure about the wheels, but I'm fairly certain I can find some thin wood wheels at a Michael's or Hobby Lobby that will fit the bill. Otherwise, I'll invest in a 3" bore hole bit and cut my own. I may attach everything with screws or I may go ugly and just stick everything together with superglue or Gorilla glue... not really going for something to enter in a science fair, so not concerned about looks.

If anyone finds these components elsewhere (and cheaper), please share with your fellow readers... in the meantime, I'm posting a screen capture here of the part #s and prices (and quantities) for

Kinda glad to have found some time to get back to the book - I apologize to my readers for such a lengthy delay in finishing up the exercises. Now let's finish this book!

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