Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Components Pack 1 Frustrations

I just went over to the Components Pack 1 webpage to confirm the list of components in the kit... and I was surprised to find a large number of negative reviews... after reading over them, it appears that the kit has been out of stock for just over a month (earliest 1 star review was August 21... latest Oct 1).

I'm not sure what's happening, but if you're trying to gather up the parts on your own, I've tried to include my Shopping Lists in previous posts, including part#s and sources. I may have missed a few, but hopefully there's enough information there to help you consolidate some shipping from multiple sources. (Click on the Shopping List label to the right of the screen to filter the blog and display my shopping list articles... if I've missed one, please let me know.)

I know it's frustrating - I was already well into Chapter 4 when these kits became available and it would have been nice to have all these parts together in 2 kits. But hang in there - if you've got the book and are wanting to get into it, keep in mind that the Chapter 1 exercises are low-cost, really... I'm not counting the tools such as the breadboard, soldering iron, etc... I'm talking about the components like LEDs, batteries, a few capacitors, resistors... you can easily get deep into Chapter 1 before spending a lot of money and in that time, maybe Components Pack 1 will become available. (It looks like Pack 2 is still available.)

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