Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter 5 - Experiment 34 Circuit

I got to work on wiring up the circuit that will be used - the most time consuming part was simply soldering some wire so it touches both leads (twice) on the stereo socket, but I think I got that part done correctly.

After wiring up the circuit, I ran a voltage test to make sure the voltage regulator was working, and one of the photos shows the 5v clearly.

There is an error in the book (verified by the errata page) with a resistor shown at the bottom of the schematic - ignore it... no resistor goes there.

Up next - typing up the code and then uploading it to the 08M.

Note: You may have noticed in the last photo a clear box of jumper wires. I purchased a box of 150+ pieces for about $10 at a nearby electronics store and I love these things - should have bought a box at the beginning. You can see in the other two photos that I've relied heavily on these pre-cut and pre-stripped wires, ignoring any sense of style when it comes to color.

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