Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chapter 5 - Shopping List Update

I used to look forward to the occasional Amazon box that would show up on my doorstep. Not anymore... now it's boxes from Mouser or AllElectronics.

In addition to much of the stuff specified in Chapter 5, I also managed to squeeze in some extra components that I've been wanting to add to my collection. As you can see from one of the photos, I took this chance to throw in an order for a bunch of capacitors of various values. Some are used in the book, others are not, but I've learned that you can never have enough of them and the one you need will always be missing when you need it the most.

The two brown containers in the right side of the photo contain the speakers used in various experiments in Chapter 5... the rest of the stuff is described below. Note that I did NOT buy everything yet for Chapter 5. A couple of the later experiments call for some more components that I'll likely purchase locally when I need them. Those large purple things are capacitors... BIG capacitors. They look scary... and fun.

So, here's a partial list, with prices and part #s:

NTE110A General Purpose Diode, Germanium - $1.57 each - purchased 2 (Exp 31)
2N2222 General Purpose Bipolar Transistors - $1.09 each - purchased 2 (Exp 30)
TEA2025B Stereo Audio Amp - $0.68 each - purchased 2 (Exp 29)

(That last one, TEA2025B, I could only find on - AllElectronics didn't seem to have any alternative to it - if anyone finds an alternate source, let me know.)

26YL-100 Yellow Hookup Wire, 26AWG, 100' - $4.30 - purchased 1 roll
MW-26-4 Magnet Wire, 26AWG, 1/4LB roll - $6.58 - purchased 1 roll
SK-63 63Ohm speaker, 2.25" - $1.25 each - purchased 1 (Exp 27)
GM-858 Midrange Driver 60W speaker, 8ohm, 5.25" - $8.70 each - purchased 1 (Exp 29)
100R50 Capacitor, 100microfarad/50V, $0.30 each - purchased 2 (Exp 26)
2200R50 Capacitor, 2200microfarad/50V, $1.25 each, purchased 2 (Exp 28)
ATP-100K potentiometer, 100K, $0.75 each, purchased 1 (Exp 30)

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