Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chapter 5 - Shopping List

I've begun ordering some of the components for chapter 5... but not all. I'll try and get a detailed list (with part #s and prices) posted soon, but I did want to alert readers to the fact that I'm having some real difficulty locating a few items.

For Experiment 26, I ordered the wire (both hookup and magnetic) from AllElectronics - only because I was planning on ordering more small pieces from them and figured since I was paying for shipping, I might as well bulk up that order...

The magnets have been ordered for Exp26, too - a little pricey but I've always wanted some strong magnets anyway, so I ordered 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4" diameters, all in 1.5" lengths.

The TEA2025B audio amplifier IC for Exp29 stumped me - couldn't find an equivalent at AllElectronics and ACK Supply (my local supplier) doesn't carry them. So I ordered 2 of them from along with a small collection of capacitors, both polarized and nonpolarized based on the Exp29 requirements.d

None of my suppliers carry the Crossover Coil (see Figure 5-45 on pagee 253)- the author does state these are tricky to find and eBay did have 2 of them for $13.00 plus shipping. I read over the writeup there... I'll continue to try and find some inexpensive ones, but if not, I may skip that part of the experiment or substitute the coil wire as the author suggests... (but I get the impression that it won't work very well without the actual crossover coils...)

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