Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 2 - Exercise 11 Step 4 Modifications

A few short videos of my modifications - I switched out various capacitors and resistors. Changing the capacitors seemed to have the largest change... with the resistors, it got hard telling the difference in alarms... many sounded almost identical to previous ones.

Note that the new 4.7 microfarad video is included - listen to it and compare it to the previous video where I used another 4.7 microfarad for C3. (I only had a single 2.2 microfarad for Step 4, so I substituted a 4.7 for C3... now the circuit has 2 of them.)

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  1. My original setup sounded exactly like your second video.. I kept on thinking to myself "this is the weirdest sounding alarm system ever...". After listening to your other videos, I decided to go back and get some practice building the bread board from the schematics alone, and lo and behold I had used the wrong capacitors and resistors! It sounded awesome after I hooked it up myself. PEBCAK (or rather PEBCAB) :) Thanks for uploading this demonstration videos!