Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter 2 - Shopping List Update

I was able to obtain 4 of the 2N6027 transistors specified for Chapter 2. The actual cost was $1.09 each at ACK Electronics. They had 16 left (what I was told by the salesperson) when I picked up mine.

I won't need them until probably next week (Exercise 11, I think) but if you are having trouble locating them, give ACK a call. Radio Shack does not carry this component.


  1. Don't suppose you know if the 2N6027G is functionally the same as a plain ole 2N6027?

    Finally ran out of the four 2N6027s from my Components Pack 1. I soldered two of them in place in the Exercise 14, because my son and I each made one; then he broke a leg off the third one while goofing around with it, leaving us with only one. Two are needed to complete experiment 15.

    From the Mouser catalog, if I click on 'data sheet' for either the 2N6027 or the 2N6027G, it goes to the same data sheet.


  2. No idea, but I'd probably do what the author says and take it to the data sheets. I'm curious about what the G is for, so if you figure it out, please share!

    Yes, I've broken a few legs on some chips I've purchased... need to be more careful when inserting into a socket.

  3. I tried the data sheet route; turns out both Mouser AND the manufacturer link to the same data sheet for both PUTs. Within the data sheet, the only mention specifically of the G variant has to do with ordering quantities.

    I'm hopeful the G will do the trick. Seemed to work for this guy in this thread:

    I emailed the manufacturer's tech support department and will let you know what I learn.

  4. Heard back from ON Semiconductor today. Here's my question:

    Can 2n6027g PUT be substituted for 2n6027?
    I'm working on a project involving a 2n6027 PUT, which it seems has been discontinued and is hard to purchase at retail. Is the 2n6027g (which is readily available) functionally the same? I've looked at the data sheet and can't tell if there's any difference between these PUTs. Any info you can offer would be appreciated. Thank you --

    Here's their answer:

    Yes, the lead-free part 2n6027g is functionally the same as the leaded part 2n6027. These parts differ only in the plating material. Please see the material composition at:

    I'll order up a couple and do experiment 15 and post the result.

  5. Thanks for sharing their response - isn't it funny how a single letter changes everything? The difference is leaded versus unleaded!

    Was that anywhere in the data sheet? I wonder if some companies list alternative components on data sheets when this kind of thing happens?

  6. Quick update: I put together Experiment 15 using one 2N6027 (from the Make Electronics Component Pack 1) and one 2N6027G (from and it worked like a champ. So, based on that experiment at least, it seems like the 2N6027G was an acceptable substitute for the 2N6027.


    If some is interested in replacing PUT with bipolar here you go :)