Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey, Readers - Where are you located?

I'm tracking the site using Google Analytics and it's so cool to see all the countries around the world where my readers are located. I'd love to know more about all of you! Where are you located? Do you have the book or have you ordered it? Are you a newbie to electronics like me? What's your goal with the book?

The comment feature is turned on, so please feel free to respond!

James Floyd Kelly

UPDATE: I guess I should take my own advice - the previous post answering readers' questions gave the goal portion for me, but here's the rest of the info: I'm in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) - I bought the book about a month ago and, although I have some limited electronics experience, it always seems to fade away - I'm hoping to change that and to really develop my electronics skills this year.


  1. Well, I'll go first. I'm Ian and I live in St Paul, MN. My wife got me the book along with the starter kit, for Christmas.

    I'm a total newb to electronics, but have an IT background, and so this kind of thing is appealing to me. It seems to me the skills to debug a program and debug a circuit have some commonality. It's about visualizing the path a flow takes, and then thinking about how it branches based on different conditions it encounters.

    I like geeking around with music too, so hoping to eventually get to a point where I can make my own weird noise makers, modify my guitar pedals, and circuit bend. Also want to eventually play with arduino as well.

    Most of all though, I think it'd just be fun to wire up random project ideas I have.

    Thanks for doing this, will keep reading.

  2. Ian,

    I'm with you - the Arduino is something I've been reading about and considering, but I'd really like a stronger understanding of electronics before I tackle it - but yes, I'm also looking to implement some strange stuff I've got in my head using the Arduino... we'll see.

  3. Name's Chris. I live in Ypsilanti Mi.

    I saw the book on Boing Boing (I think). I ordered it right before Christmas. Because the MKEE2 kit was already sold out, I got one of the Manufacturing / Electrical Engineers at work to help me pick out the Multimeter. He suggested the auto-ranging one.

    I'm new to electronics, but have been able to solder for years (since I was a kid). I got the book to be an intro to something I've wanted to get into for a long time but was always intemidated. Recently I've had to do a lot of power related stuff for the servers at work.

    I'm a Network Engineer, a Linux Administrator, and the Security Administrator at work.

  4. Hi James. I live in Philadelphia and just ordered the book, but haven't made it to the post office to pick it up yet. I've got a little catching up to do, but look forward to sharing my results once I get shopping and start experimenting in a few days.


  5. Hi, I'm New York, I'm going to order the book, i have the sample pdf. i'm a complete newbie, i took some beginner classes at NYCResistor, and did a kit or two. my soldering is scary, but I haven't set anything aflame, yet.

  6. Hi Jim,
    My name's Matt and I live in Durham, NC. I got the book over christmas but promised my boys I'd finish their Pinewood Derby Cars before we started on something new. Looking forward to starting in the next couple of weeks with them. I've always wanted to learn some electronics and thought this might be a good way to start.

  7. Hello all!
    I've been a fan of Make magazine since it started, and thanks to it and some help from some local maker groups (Make:Philly, The Hacktory) I've picked up on some basics of electronics. But, I've only scratched the surface, and I look forward to learning more. Currently, I'm trying to understand my multimeter.

  8. I received the book as a Christmas present. I've just started getting into DIY/electornics and have very little experience. I'm hoping to get a firm handle on things as you do. I am also very busy and if I don't have time (or can't find some of the parts) to do all of the experiments that I'll pick up what you've learned from it. It's always good to have a "classmate" while you learn something.

  9. Oh, and I'm located in Des Moines, Iowa.

  10. Lincoln, NE here; IT/CS guy who wished he took a few EE classes in college. Picked up the Horowitz and Hill tomb The Art of Electronics a couple of years ago and was put off by it; I'm more of a hands on learner these days. When I saw the book I bought. Right now I am waiting for most of my gear to arrive with baited breath so I can get cranking on the exercises. (Also real interested in Arduino like other folks here :) )

  11. Beaverton, OR. I'm a Software Developer going back to college to study Electrical/Computer Engineering. I have a limited understanding of electronics, but it's growing. I have a digital copy of the book that I'll be reading on the computer and on my eReader. I've done a few projects with my Arduino, which is easier because I'm already familiar with programming. I'd like to understand electronics better so I can design some cool ideas that I've come up with. I know components, but I'm strong on putting them together in functional ways, at least not beyond the basics. That's what I hope to get from this book, and I appreciate your blogging about it.

    FYI: For anyone interested in the Arduino, I wrote up two articles on Arduino Starter Kits. They are at:
    The articles cover several starter kits and their strengths and weaknesses.

  12. Forest City, NC. I'm a software developer/IT Assistant for my family business. My grandfather was an electrician before he started his own carpentry business. So as I was growing up he taught me all about circuits and electricity. I have some limited electronics experience, but no real technical knowledge. I got an Arduino last year for Christmas and have been thinking about some projects I could do with it. I am going to get this book soon because I think with it I would have the know-how to do these projects.

  13. I'm in Toronto, Ontario. I'm relatively new to electronics - I tinkered with electric trains as a kid, but I didn't really have any idea of what was going on *LOL*

    I don't have the book yet, but my plan is to get it after my birthday if I don't get it from someone :)

  14. I'm from Allentown, PA. I've not purchased the book, but had my eye on it since I saw it announced. What I've read on this blog so far has increased my interest so good move on Make's part to encourage you to have at it. :-)

    I've played with extremely basic electronics and made things work with huge testing and little understanding. I want a better level of understanding to increase my ability to do "cool things".

  15. Jim,
    My son and I are located in Burlington, VT. We are cleaning up area for our work bench and get supplies together.
    We have a few kits from Make shed and are looking forward to learning about electronics and how to build small bean bots working our way to Arduino.

    Rob & Jarod

  16. I live in Atlanta! Well, East Cobb, for those of you familiar with the area ... never done much with Electronics, but have played with Arduino and wanted to get more familiar with the basics. Love the book.

    James, I also bought your book on Build your own CNC - love it. I want to build a CNC plasma cutter one day. I love working on old Jeeps, so a cutter would be really cool.

    My son is a fan of yours as he is into Mindstorms. His team did not do so well in the FIRST competition, but it was their first year. So hopefully this will be good for him as well.

    Anyways, I look forward to reading this as you go along.

  17. I'm in Los Angeles, CA. Bought the book as a Christmas present to myself since I've always wanted to learn more about electronics. I'm pretty new to it.

    Like a lot of people, I'm hoping to do some Arduino projects further down the road.

  18. Jim, I'm in Brooklyn, NY. I downloaded the sample PDF of Make: Electronics and am planning on buying it as well as Make's Arduino book. I'm entirely new to electronics (my background's in publishing) but have been fascinated with many of the hacks posted on I hope to be able eventually to design and build my own contraptions, and Make's book seems like one way to do it on my own. I've considered taking a class but can't really afford to right now.

  19. Everyone - so glad to hear that others are just like me- wanting more experience in electronics and many wanting to begin working with the Arduino...

    Thanks for all the responses!

  20. Troy,

    Thanks for the kind words about the CNC book - I'm quite proud of it. I hope you and your son enjoy the hobby time together! My boy is almost 3... not quite old enough yet...

  21. Hey Jim,
    I am a computer programmer in Ogden Utah. Great blog by the way. From what you have here it sounds like a fun book. I am always looking for ways to get my kids interested in my hobbies and it looks like this might be great for the older ones. What do you think an age range for the book would be? It is surprising how young you can get them interested though. I bought my youngest (8yrs) a snap circuits for christmas and he has already gone through about half of the 300 experiments and is digging through my stuff looking for the components from his kit. I don't want to discourage him but what a mess! My older boy looks forward to the next issue of MAKE even more than me.

    BTW - for those who are looking at the Arduino, Just buy one! It is a blast and there are tons of tutorials out there that even the most novice could figure out. They can be as cheep as 25 bucks and I would go without lunch for a week to get one. I am building a security system with mine. (

  22. Doug a dog groomer from Pocatello, Idaho. I used my Amazon gift card from Christmas to by this book and Beginning Arduino. What I know about electronics is what I've taught myself. This hands on stuff is just what I've always wanted. Thanks again Jim.

  23. Hi Jim,

    First of all, I'd like to compliment you on a great blog. The idea of doing all the projects in the book is certainly quality content.

    Myself I'm a 33 yrs old graphic artist/writer located outside Gothenburg, Sweden. I love techy and geeky stuff and just got into electronics last year when i stumbled upon the Arduino. Haven't bought the book yet but will once my favourite swedish online dealer has it (free shipping).

    Shamless self promotion:
    Random geekery in all flavours @

  24. Hi Jim,

    I am from Meppel, The Netherlands. Thanks for the great blog, it is fun to read and I connect with your comments on many levels :-) As a kid I started with experiments using Kosmos Electronik kits, but like you, the knowledge doesn't stick. I haven't got the book yet, but will order it soon, once I finish the experiments I am doing with my recently obtained Arduino board.

    Keep up the great work!

  25. Stacy - I think an 8 year old would be able to handle these experiments (so far) but the best I can offer is that I'll try and remember to give a few opinions on future experiments for parents regarding the level of complexity, okay? Still, I played with Radio Shack electronics kits at a young age and I think this book is much better written than anything I ever had...

    Dingus, Markus, and AJ - thanks for commenting and welcome to the blog.

  26. Hi all - I'm a software product designer from Austin, TX (who's making a biz trip to ATL this weekend -- small world, Jim -- oh, and I saw your MAME cabinet blog, too; I built one of those a couple years back too).

    My 9-y-o son's interest in electronics was sparked by one of those 'snap circuit' kits that Stacy mentioned. He asked if we could 'learn about circuit boards' this summer, and I thought heck, I've always been curious about that world, so why not? Discovered the Make book on Amazon, bought the kit from MakerShed, and we've got the makings of a fun summer!

    I don't really have 'post-book' projects in mind just yet, but the thought of putting electronic/logical components in the stuff I make in my little backyard wood shop is pretty enticing.

  27. Wish I'd known you were coming... might have been able to meet and shake hands, depending on your location.

    I have a 3 year old son and a newborn (1 month old) so it'll be some time before they might show interest, but I'm glad to hear your son is enjoying the experience.

    I spent 10 years in Houston... really miss Texas... a LOT. Shoot me an email, Scott, when you get a chance...

  28. My name is Mal. I'm a 58, almost 59 yr old CNC machinist who just went to a machining trade show to check up on 3D printers. They have come a long way from the $50k versions I saw a decade ago. Inspired, I spent a lot of time researching 3D printers and tried to figure out if they are ready for prime time home use, and what would I make with them. That led to Makeshed and the Electronics book you are blogging about. Since there will be about 6 months or so before the 3D printer I want is available, I thought it would be a good time to get a better understanding of electronics for future projects. I am in SoCal, and as usual, I am late to the party. :)