Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chapter 4 - Exercise 20

Well, I wired it up... tested it out... no luck. A few parts of the circuit work (such as the Power On LED and the keypad) but not really sure what's going on. As you can see, I didn't spend a lot of time keeping my wiring clean... it's ugly.

Even so, I double and triple checked my wiring and I think I got it all correct. My relay still hasn't arrived so I worked around it by inserting two pushbuttons (lower half of breadboard). I hold down one and that simulates the lower part of the relay being closed... releasing it and pressing the other button simulates the upper portion of the relay being closed.

At this point, I'm willing to go over it one more time (tonight) but I'm ready to move on to Experiment 21. I'll try and come back to this circuit when my relay arrives, but I've been stuck on Exp20 for a bit and am a little tired of it. My goal was to work through all the experiments... and hopefully have them all work. I want a 100% success rate, so I'll likely come back to this one on a weekend when I have some time. (And time is the limiting factor right now - I've got a new book contract that's starting up AND I'm finishing up the editing on another book and that's taking ALL my daylight hours it seems. Alright, enough complaining...)

If anyone has a good clear photo of their breadboard with Exercise 20 all wired up or even a video, let me know... I'd at least like to see if there's anything glaringly obvious that I've done wrong.

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