Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 4 - Experiment 21 - Failed Regulator?

I had such a great start with the book that I think all the gremlins are now starting to appear... I've got the circuit for Exercise 21 wired up but I'm not getting any voltage on the breadboard. I've taken multimeter readings of my AC adapter... 9 volts there. I've checked all my wiring... so now I'm beginning to wonder if I may have damaged the 5V regulator somehow? Anyone know how sensitive or rugged these little devices are? I've only got one, so I have no way of testing it.

I replaced the two capacitors as well... but no luck. I took a voltage reading across the larger capacitor (.33 in the book but I substituted a 2.2)... it barely reads 1V.

Any ideas? I really can't move forward either since a few of the remaining exercises rely on the 5V regulated voltage setup.

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  1. Try unhooking your jumpers to the 5v and gnd rails at the top and bottom of your socketboard and measuring the regulator circuit by itself. SIMLIFIY :D

    If you have a short somewhere in the circuit that could cause the regulator to appear to be putting out low voltage.