Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chapter 4 - Exercise 22 - Completed

Exercise 22 is fairly short, but I can see a lot of uses for the ability to use a NAND or NOR chip to flip back and forth between states and keeping power applied to one or another part of a circuit.

The first video below shows my results with the 7402 NOR chip. The second video is with the 7400 NAND chip. The only differences between the two is how the pull-up (or pull-down) 10k resistors are wired into the circuit and the SPDT switch (whether it's pole goes to positive or negative voltage).

A fun little exercise - be sure to use low current LEDs as the author suggests. I think I used mine although I made a mistake of not organizing all my LEDs I've collected over the various experiments and they're all mixed together... oops.

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