Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chapter 3 - Exercise 14 Completed

Well, it took forever and I burned out a couple of red LEDs in the process, but the thing is working. I ended up soldering some longer strands of wire to the shorter pieces and used shrink tubing to cover up the joints.

Somehow I managed to fit it all into that little box -what a pain! But a flip of the switch and it takes a few seconds to charge up and then the red LED starts its pulsing. Very cool.

I've had enough of this project, so here's a final video of the box in action... I'll probably get a red Sharpie and draw a heart around the LED and write something cheezy on it... "My heart beats for you!" - that sounds good.

Anyway, on to the Exercise 15... it's a long section and looks like a handful. No idea how many parts I'll break that up into but I know it'll be more than one.

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