Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contest #2 Winners

Back on January 31st, I asked readers to writeup a small comment about their experiences with the book, good or bad. Out of the 6 valid responses, I picked two names at random: Mike and Skain.

I need Mike and Skain to email me so I can tell them how to get their Maker's Notebooks. Thanks to all of you for your comments which I hope Charles Platt and MakerSHED find useful.


  1. Jim. I'm Mike V and I received your e-mail. Please remove the '%'. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Mike - I'll try to get the notebook sent out today, tomorrow at the latest.

  3. Hi Jim, skain here.

    Been busy and didn't see this post till today.

    Where can I find you're email address to contact you? I've been clicking around your blog but can't find it . . .


  4. Of course I meant "your" instead of "you're". I hate when people do that . . .

  5. That would probably be helpful, huh?

    jktechwriter *at* gmail dot com