Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chapter 4 - Shopping List

I gathered the Chapter 4 components and tools from a variety of sources.

Below, I've included description, part #, price, and where purchased.

Looking online, I paid way more than I should have for the various chips, but I was able to obtain them locally and visually inspect them. I also got a 20 minute education in other chips, so I figure the extra I spent was worth the extra information... future chip purchases, however, will likely come from where I think I see the best prices... please feel free to chime in about what you've found in terms of prices.


ACK Supply for all chips below:

555 Timer chips x10, CA555E RCA, $0.80 each
$1.59 each for

CD4026BE RCA, $2.59 each

7492, $2.05 each
7406, $1.67 each
74LS27, $1.59 each

Radio Shack Online items below

Item: 2761995
Description: 8-Pin Retention Contact
Quantity: 5 @ $.48

Item: 2761999
Description: 14-Pin Retention Contact
Quantity: 5 @ $.99

Item: 2761998
Description: 16-Pin Retention Contact
Quantity: 5 @ $.99

----- items below

12-key numeric keypad - KP-12 (12 BUTTON KEYPAD - (KP-12)) $4.95

----- components below

638-HLMPK150 Red LED, 660nm, $0.18 each

604-BC56-11EWA,HI EFF RED DIFFUSED numeric display, $2.73 each

Latching Relay 769-DS2E-SL2-DC5V 2A 5VDC DPDT, $4.86 each

10K Trimmer 652-3266Z-1-103LF 1/4" 10Kohms 10% $2.94 each

Voltage Regulator 512-LM7805CT 1A Pos Vol Reg , $0.37 each

Tactile Switches (already purchased for earlier chapter)

Radio Shack Store components below

100K Potentiometer, 271-092 $2.99 each
10K Potentiometer, 271-1715 $2.99 each
5K Potentiometer (already purchased for earlier chapter)


  1. Electronics Express puts together custom kits for schools. It's possible that they could put together a parts kit to go eith Make: Electronics that would be reasonably priced.

    I've stocked up on a bunch of things from them since they were much cheaper than radio shack, etc. Digikey & Mouser may be cheaper for parts, but elexp seems to do a good job with kits & bundles.


  2. Thanks, Rob... if anyone tries them out for bundling the shopping lists, let me know and I'll spread the word.

    I had heard a while back that MakerSHED was considering parts bundles for the book but I've seen nor heard anything about that...

  3. I'm learning that the Maker Components Pack 2 contains the IMPORTANT stuff you need for the later chapters in the book (e.g., the chips), but you're gonna need to start filling in certain values of resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, etc., on your own because they're not included in either of the MakerShed kits.

    This really isn't a big deal, because most of these things are inexpensive and readily available; and by this stage you oughta be getting practice in ordering your own stuff anyway. I bought a couple of these components on a one-off basis and then sprang for some assortments (resistors at Radio Shack, capacitors and potentiometers from eBay). Buying an assortment is really the way to go -- it'll be like buying two or three individual capacitors from Radio Shack, but you'll get a bag of 50 in different values, which should keep you stocked for a while.