Thursday, February 18, 2010

Electronics videos

Just a quick note - if you're not familiar with Collin Cunningham's videos over at, you really should check them out. They're fun to watch, and you'll get some other ideas for experimenting (I especially like his resistor video where he uses a pencil to create a sort-of potentiometer for controlling an LED.)

He's just released a new video on circuit board etching that was really interesting - I've got a ways to go until I get to that point in the game, but nice to know there are kits available that will let you create your own custom boards.

You can watch all of the videos at here... if you're looking for Collin's videos, you can find them all about midway down the right-side of the screen... scroll down until you find the "Make Presents" section - those are his videos.

Now, after watching all his videos, what I really REALLY want is schematics for building that great sound/noise maker he uses at the intro for the Inductor video.


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