Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter 3 - Exercise 15 Part 6

Today I worked on the project box. I didn't have the DPDT pushbutton recommended for the project so I substituted a DPDT switch as seen in the pictures. Unlike the pushbutton, I'll have to switch it off manually to stop testing the circuit.

Just an FYI:

* *For the LED holes I used a 3/16" bit
* For the speaker connectors (on bottom of faceplate) I used a 1/8" bit
* For the speaker holes I used a 1/8" bit
for the power jack I used a 11/64 bit"
* For toggle switch (power) I used a 3/8"
* For test DPDT switch I used a 5/8"

Measure your own components, though - I can't guarantee your components will be the exact same size.

For the speaker hole layout, I just used a graphics program to create it and printed it actual size (2" diameter speaker). If you want to use mine, feel free to grab it here. (I'm using and am not sure how long this file will be available.)

I cut out the printout, taped it to the back of the faceplate and then used a drill bit and hammer to make small dimples in the center of each circle... helps later when you drill them.

As you can see, my project box is almost done... I need to solder it up and make all the various connections. Almost done!

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  1. What did you use to make the larger holes (greater than 1/8") in the plastic? You mentioned a Dremel in the Chapter 3 shopping list post, but I think the chuck only accepts up to a 1/8" drill bit. Thanks!